Custom Logo Embossers, Artwork Stamp Seals, Custom Logo Seal Embosser

Custom Logo Embossers, Artwork Stamp Seals, Custom Logo Seal Embosser


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Custom Logo Embossers, Artwork Stamp Seals, Custom Logo Seal Embosser


Biz Site - Business Solutions

Custom Logo Embossers and Artwork Seals & Custom Rubber Stamps

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Custom Special Design Seals and Rubber Stamps for Corporations - Schools - Universities - Churches - Government Office ETC.
Corporate Embossing - Personalize your Home, Educational or Business Stationary and Office Correspondance with Address Stamps, Return, Rubber Stamps and Embossing Stamp Seals from Biz Site  Laminate with our Xyron - the Laminator, Sticker, Magnet Maker. All Inks, Ink Pads and Rubber Stamps Supply.  

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Address Embossing Seals    Corporate Seal Embosser  Custom Embosser   

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CUSTOM Embosser Seals and Rubber Stamps

For custom corporate Embossers with STANDARD Seal TEXT ONLY go to our Corporate Seal Embossers

To order your custom design embosser seal or custom rubber stamp please follow these easy directions. 

These directions are the same for custom signature rubber stamps also.

For Embossers - Email your Logo or artwork w/compete layout for the seal as a Word, PDF, jpg or gig file (1 page only or aol zips it up and we can't open for security purposes) to  Or you can Fax or mail your layout with logo or artwork design to us with any explicit instructions.  Make sure you include your name, phone, so we can contact you if needed and include a return email address we can send the quote to.  We will also send you an order form or you can print out our online form at:  The phone/fax and address are on the form also.

For Stamps make sure you let us know if you want a wood mount or self inking stamp.  Email us the custom layout in the exact size is you want it as a Word (preferred) or PDF file Only - The layout Must be in black & white Only for stamps.  Our email  We will not enlarge the images for custom stamps as they will loss clarity.  The image you send us must be as clear as possible. Make sure you include your name, phone, so we can contact you if needed and include a return email address we can send the quote to.  We will also send you an order form or you can print out our online form at:  The phone/fax and address are on the form also.Also if you need any ink or pads let us know.  Our full selection can be found at:

For Custom Signature Rubber Stamps make sure you write your signature on a plain white piece of paper in pen (black ink).  NO pencils or markers.  Now follow the directions above for stamps.

For Embossers we will send you back a quote for the artwork only.  The total price for your embosser will be for the artwork and your choice of embosser.  Check out Monogram Embosser Seal  for all sizes and prices.  For custom embossers your image is totally recreated in a special embosser program and as long as we can see your design, broken and distorted lines can be recreated.

Phone/Fax  815-675-2751

Shop For Supplies, Inc.- Quotes - 9105 Anthony Lane - Spring Grove, IL  60081

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Our Discount Office Supply includes Address, Business, and Custom Made Stamps - Including Signature Stamps.  Also made right here in Lake County, Illinois.  Our prices for a single stamp is equal or less than buying in quantity from other stamp suppliers.

Our Craft and Rubber Stamps website offers our full line of Address & Business Stamps as well as the Full line of Xyron Laminators.  Embossing Supplies and Rubber Stamps Inks and pads are in large supply here as well as paper punches and other items.  Gifts are available here also. 

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